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Candidate Verification Process

Language Testing Process for Multilingual Candidates

Our ISO 9001:2000 certified quality assurance process, recognized and respected throughout the world, ensures that we have the most effective and reliable process for selecting talent in more than 100 languages. The process involves:

  • Over 80 subject-specific tests to ensure projects are assigned to candidates with in-depth knowledge of the specific/desired industry
  • Validation of candidates’ qualifications from a reliable and accountable source
  • Continuous assessment and enhancement of candidates’ linguistic competence
  • Assurance of candidates’ understanding of professional ethics, protocols, and specialized terminology for a variety of fields
  • Candidate must provide proof of educational background and experience
  • Candidate must document translation or related work experience in their area of specialization
  • Candidate must provide 3 references, at least one of which must be from a previous employer

Dedicated Account Management

All of TransPerfect’s clients receive dedicated project management, ensuring each client has one point of contact—regardless of the size or location of the project. Your representative monitors every stage of your project, from inception to delivery. Any contact is available on a 24-hour basis. In addition, we can provide very detailed status reports at any interval requested by a client. Our Account Managers are up-to-date on the status of a project at all times. For larger volume projects, TransPerfect’s Director of Staffing Solutions will also be involved in resource allocation and coordination from the outset. Your Account Manager will conduct a quarterly review to discuss the status of the project and ways to improve and strengthen the business relationship.

The Process of Initiating a Staffing Request

  • Telephone
    Your dedicated Account Manager will always be available to you via telephone (office and cell phone).
  • Email
    TransPerfect will create a special e-mail account named "" and give the company firm-wide access. When the client has a staffing need, they may send details to one email address, regardless of location, and receive verification that the request has been received within the hour.
  • Web Site via Desktop Icon
    Working with your IT department, TransPerfect will place an icon on each hiring manager’s desktop. This icon will link directly to the TransPerfect Staffing page where necessary information can be put into a template.

The Process Before a Candidate is Presented to the Client

  • In-Depth Phone Screening
  • Skills Assessment (including language testing, if appropriate)
  • In-Person Interview (if located within reasonable distance to one of our offices). This may include a behavioral-based Interview should the client share with TransPerfect the desired competencies.
  • Past Employment Verification – TransPerfect shall verify at a minimum the last three years of employment and the prior two employers.
  • Professional Reference Check – TransPerfect shall obtain a minimum of two professional references.

The Process After a Candidate is Placed On-Site with Client

  • First Day Check-Up
  • End of First Week Review
  • 30-Day Review
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