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In this age of global business, companies that employ a multilingual workforce will be better equipped to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. However, testing the language skills of a large candidate pool can pose a distinct challenge.

It’s one thing to need a single multilingual candidate, but what if you need 50? Or 500? In the past, companies that needed to test the language skills of a potential candidate had to hire an outside linguist to conduct and score a live interview. When applied on a high-volume scale, this process can be complex to manage, as well as prohibitively expensive.

That’s why TransPerfect developed Enterprise Language Testing: a system that enables companies to create customized testing platforms that meet any linguistic need while accommodating budgetary considerations.

In addition to being an extremely cost-effective way to gauge the language fluency of a large pool of candidates, Enterprise Language Testing offers many benefits that conventional testing methods do not:

  • Tests are fully customizable
  • Objective scoring methods minimize testing bias
  • Scores can be tracked and measured over time
  • Voice recordings and written tests are digitized and saved in a central location indefinitely
  • New tests can be added at any time
  • Capability in over 100 languages

Our experience, combined with TransPerfect’s ISO 9001:2000 and EN 15038:2006 quality management system, ensures that you’ll receive consistent, highly accurate testing across any number of candidates. And with our centralized web-based management system, never have storing, tracking, and comparing candidates’ tests been so simple.


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